Harvest Monday: Pickle City – 08/19/2013

August 19, 2013  |  12 Comments  |  by Ben Czajkowski  |  Gardening
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Quite a small harvest this week after a few in a row of bountiful harvests. Not complaining, though, certainly.

Harvest Monday 08/09/2013

I finally procured a Red Beauty Bell Pepper that wasn’t half rotted or half green or torn open by the birds. Something started to do damage to it, though, over the weekend. I am glad I was able to cut it from the plant. Makes me sad because I have no idea when the next flowers will start popping up, on the plant!

Pepper Assortment

Pepper Assortment

The Fish Peppers produced another wonderful harvest of red peppers. I am going to make some hot sauce this weekend and give it to people as Christmas presents, I’ve decided. I’ve already found hot sauce jars and added them to my Amazon wishlist. If you have a hot sauce recipes you’ve made before, please leave it in the comments. Thanks!

3 Jars of Refrigerator Pickles from Kratky Hydroponics

3 Jars of Refrigerator Pickles from Kratky Hydroponics

Boston Pickling Cucumber Seeds

Boston Pickling Cucumber Seeds

Lastly, the Boston Pickling Cucumber plant is starting to fade away. I think I drowned the roots, which was a learned lesson in my Kratky method hydroponics experiment. I saved a couple dozen seeds to share with people, over the Fall and Winter. I might grow a few of them again next year, depending on how the pickles turn out.

I made three jars of refrigerator pickles, and I look forward to enjoying them in a few days with my lunches. Nothing like fresh pickles!

After the success of the Boston Pickling Cucumber, I am heavily considering going to see what is left at Lowe’s. It’s late August, but I think I’ll be able to get a growing season into mid-October… We’ll see.

Weekly Weights:
Red Beauty Bell Pepper: 4 3/4 oz
Fish Peppers: 1/2 oz

I’m linking to Daphne’s Harvest Monday roundup.

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12 Responses to “Harvest Monday: Pickle City – 08/19/2013”

Jenny says:

Love those beautiful peppers, and will need to look up more about your hydroponic.

Thanks for the compliment on the peppers :-)

I’ll have some more resources and information on the hydroponic stuff in the coming days and weeks. I have a series on YouTube about it but haven’t done much to port it to the blog yet.

I’ve basically likened Kratky method hydroponics to being the ultimate sub-irrigated/self-watering planter.

Patsy says:

Those peppers look so beautiful, so colorful. I rarely get red peppers here, so do appreciate the beauty of those like yours!

Well, I am pleased to be able to share them with you, week after week :-)

Where are you that you don’t get many red peppers?

Shawn Ann says:

Great peppers. I forgot to respond to your email about seeds, I was on vacation. I’ll be sure to get to that. I have some Boston Pickling cucumber seedlings that I hope will produce before summer is done. Hopeful for some more dill too! I make Fermented pickles and love them!

Take your time on the response. The seeds aren’t going anywhere. :-)

Bee Girl says:

Gorgeous red peppers you have there!

Thank you very much!!

Dave's SFG says:

Nice pepper assortment. It’s interesting to actually see the fish peppers. I tried one plant this year and it hasn’t even flowered yet.

That’s a darn shame :-( This plant has been prolific and I have no idea what I’ve done to it to cause it to go insane…

Barbie says:

It’s always worth a shot to try again. The plants are usually pretty close to flowering by the time you get them home. Try ACE, too. They have large plants sometimes as well. Good luck!

mac says:

Your peppers are very pretty expecially the stripe fish variety. I’ll have to look into hydroponic growing, it very interesting.