Harvest Monday: the Giant Comes Home – 08/26/2013

August 26, 2013  |  6 Comments  |  by Ben Czajkowski  |  Gardening
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Not much to report on the garden this week. I had to water my plants for about the sixth time, this season. This glut of rain is quite perplexing and has been a bit of a pain, to the peppers.

Harvest Monday 08/26/2013

The Fish pepper plant continued to produce. It’s been a consistent producer, and its fruits will become hot sauce for Christmas presents soon. I’m just waiting on the Tabasco peppers to finish turning from orange to red.

Giant Aconcagua Pepper

Giant Aconcagua Pepper

The big ‘news’ for the garden this week is that I finally got a giant aconcagua pepper! The one that I should have gotten, previously, conveniently rotted on the plant

Anyway, I also bought a zucchini, squash, and another cucumber plant and set them up in Kratky Method hydroponic buckets. I’ve loaded them up with nutrients, and we’ll see if I can get any fruits before the season ends down here in Greensboro.

Lastly, my Boston Pickling cucumber plant that was marked as dead, in a Kratky bucket, has started to grow new roots. Its little bit of growth has produced another couple of cucumbers. So, as long as it continues to produce fruits, I’ll continue to love it!

Weekly Weights:
-Giant Aconcagua Pepper: 2 3/8 oz.
-Cherry Bomb Pepper: 1 oz.
-Orange Mini Bell Pepper: 1/2 oz.
-Fish Pepper: 1 1/8 oz.
-Arugula: 1/2 oz.
-Baby Cukes (from dead vines): 1 oz.

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6 Responses to “Harvest Monday: the Giant Comes Home – 08/26/2013”

Stoney Acres says:

Great looking harvest, those are beautiful peppers!!

Dave says:

Lovely peppers! Ours didn’t like the rainy summer either, but now it has dried out and they are happier.

Patsy says:

Absolutely beautiful peppers! I so rarely get peppers to the red state, the beauty of them is mind-boggling!

Mike R says:

Nice array of peppers. I grew cherry bomb peppers a few years ago and like them a lot, not to hot and also very sweet when red.

GrafixMuse says:

Your peppers look wonderful. Mine are taking their sweet time this year.

jenny says:

gorgeous peppers!