Harvest Monday: All the Colors of the Rainbow – 07/22/2013

July 22, 2013  |  4 Comments  |  by Ben Czajkowski  |  Gardening
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Happy Monday! Somewhere, in an alternate dimension, the non-sick me is typing this while sipping a homebrewed beer instead of a cup of tea. When my family visited last, my mom drank my last bags of my comfort tea (Chinese White). I am a sad gardener.

Harvest Monday: July 22, 2013

Harvest Monday: July 22, 2013

It was another hot, muggy, wet week in Greensboro, but I only had to water once… It’s absolutely surreal that I haven’t had to water much. I prepped the garden containers to retain moisture, and now I think I overdid it. The peppers have wet feet, and they’re a bit on the light green side. As Barbie suggested, and as I’ve seen frequently on Pinterest recently, I’ve ordered a box of Epsom salts with which to spray my peppers.

Luckily, I hit up a yard sale over the weekend. I bought two giant square earthbox-like planters for $3 apiece. Normally, these suckers retail for around $50, the full kit. There’s nothing better than the feeling of getting an awesome sub-irrigated planter for cheap!

Regardless, I pulled in another batch of colorful peppers.

A Rainbow of Assorted Peppers

A Rainbow of Assorted Peppers

The bell peppers, the larger red ones, for some reason, they didn’t gain much in size. Two of the three Red Beauty bell pepper plants are like that. The third has its fruits at sizes I would expect. Now, these plants are all undersized and set a ton of fruit. So, it’s possible that it’s a space issue.

I am stoked to stuff these suckers and grill them, though!

The other peppers are an assortment of the Chinese Five Colored peppers, mini yellow and orange bell peppers, and Fish peppers. I wanted to do tasting notes on the Five Colored and Fish peppers for this week, but my taste buds are shot!

The yellow mini bell peppers from last week were delicious! Tiny, but they packed a huge punch. I’ve already begun pinning what to do with the glut of others that are on the way!

Red Beauty Bell Peppers: 5 3/8 oz
Mini Yellow & Orange Bell Peppers: 1 1/8 oz
Fish Peppers: 1/4 oz
Chinese Five Colored Peppers: 1/2 oz

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4 Responses to “Harvest Monday: All the Colors of the Rainbow – 07/22/2013”

Shawn Ann says:

Beautiful variety of peppers.

Patsy says:

Nice looking peppers! It sure is nice to find a useful bargain isn’t it?

Stoney Acres says:

A great looking harvest!! We have had a strange year too. I have only had to water my garden twice during the month of July. Usually I’m watering every 2 or 3 days.